Henriette Hanson




Hello, my name is Henriette Hanson.

I come from Oslo, Norway and studied art in London and France.

I now work as a professional artist based in London.  

Each of my paintings is carefully created with thick layers of paint, this gives the work its depth and the choice of complimentary colours creates the unique look.

The paint is applied using stainless steel palettes, which allows it to settle in an unusual pattern thus giving such an intriguing appearance.

I only use professionally graded materials. The canvases are Gallery Standard 100% Cotton, several times primed, stretched on a wooden frame, staple free and painted on both sides.

Indeed, there is no need to frame it, you can hang it up immediately.

Each painting is authenticated with my signature, title and date on the reverse.

Finally a coat of professional high gloss varnish is applied to preserve the colours and protect each painting from the effects of dirt, dust and pollution.

Every painting is completely original and hand painted with extreme care and attention to detail.

Painted at my studio in Wimbledon.